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Implementing Change: Lessons Learned from Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point
There is an old Romanian curse that says, “May you have a brilliant idea and be unable to convince anyone to use it.” Human beings have a propensity to resist change rather than embrace it, be it a minor modification or a radical innovation. This is true even when the change is seen as positive or solicited... [ Read more ]

6 1/2 Reasons to Hire Us
To contract out or not contract out: that is often the question these days! Organizations of all shapes, sizes and industries spend greater percentages of their annual budgets on outside consultants and technicians each year. The results range from cost efficient to astronomical, and from highly successful to painful and disastrous... [ Read more ]

Life Would Be So Easy If You’d Just Do Things My Way!
It seems that there are very few universal truths anymore. People and situations change quickly and often. Individuality and diversity tend to speak louder than homogeneity and consistency in most organizations. Identifying oneself as outside of the norm is an important behavioral model for many employees today... [ Read more ]

POWER THINK: A Tool for Triggering Creativity, Enthusiasm and Solutions!
People often wonder if consultants actually practice what they preach. At Spero & Co., we only share techniques and processes with our clients that have been successfully tested within our own organization... [ Read more ]



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