Founded in 1987, Spero & Company is a consortium of experienced management consultants and trainers, based in Denver, Colorado. We have worked with a wide range of boards of directors, executives, managers and projects teams. Our clients come from diverse industries in the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors throughout the U.S., Canada and Western Europe.

Services include:

  • Strategic planning & succession planning
  • Team development & meeting facilitation
  • Customized leadership training
  • Executive coaching
  • Conflict resolution & mediation
  • Change management & implementation
  • Board development & volunteer management
  • Marketing plans and strategy development
  • Presentation skills training
  • Employee opinion surveys & training needs assessment

We typically form ad hoc teams of consultants to meet the needs of a specific project. Our flexibility in staffing ensures that we can match the expertise of our staff with the needs and culture of each client.

Our Approach

The consulting projects that we do with clients vary widely, based upon the culture, challenges and objectives of each organization. Whether we are coaching a single executive, mediating between two employees, or working with teams and departments, we find these common results in our work:

  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Improved communication
  • Effective problem solving
  • Focused professional development

We help individuals and teams to manage and interact more productively, so that customer service, profitability and employee satisfaction are increased. We encourage our clients to identify clear, measurable goals for their work with us. In this way, everyone knows when we are making progress, or when we need to redirect our efforts.

As coaches and consultants, we strive to successfully balance assertive direction and facilitation with patient and flexible support. During the course of our meetings, retreats, and coaching sessions, we look for opportunities to model the desired behaviors and processes that the client seeks to introduce or reinforce. These might include:

  • Exchange of constructive feedback
  • Active listening
  • Assertiveness without aggression or apology
  • Mediation of conflicts
  • Creative problem solving and planning

Our Training

With our training, our goal is to design and deliver very experiential programs that have a minimum of "lecture." We include as much practice, discussion, and application to real-life situations as possible. Our experience tells us that fancy models, slick notebooks and entertaining exercises are of little value, unless participants have the opportunity to digest the information. They need to have several different ways to generalize from their experiences in the program, in order to anticipate and plan for opportunities to use the ideas back on the job.

Customer Comments About our Training

"The presenters had obviously done their homework. They knew a lot about our business and seemed to speak our language."
Rob Moody, Training Manager, City & County of Denver

"Your seminars are lively and entertaining, yet clear, well-organized and substantive."
Ann Dekker, Human Resource Manager, The Home Depot

"The facilitator managed the group dynamics very effectively."
Eric Sapir, Farmer’s Insurance

"The structure of your workshop was perfectly tailored to our organization's needs and to the participants who attended."
Debbie Reinberg, Executive Director, National Association of Social Workers-Colorado Chapter

"I have watched Spero & Company work with top executives, first-line production people and everyone in between. They are able to communicate well with all employees, regardless of peoples' experience or education."
Helen Barron, CEO, Candle Press

"Our management retreat was a great success! You helped our team set specific goals and action steps to support our company’s rapid growth."
David Bubes, Sales and Marketing Manager, BCORP-HRT


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